Pursuing A Masters Degree

The Commitment To Academic Excellence

Besides the commitment to academic excellence, I admire ULM’s graduate school because it is highly affordable, a factor that has given it a high national ranking. Graduate students get the opportunity to use the school laboratories, libraries, and interact with scholars who are highly experienced in the field. Graduate students also have the opportunity to select specialized programs that resonate with their needs.

One unique feature of the graduate program in ULM that is not readily available in other institutions is the privilege students are granted to continue a program even when it has been terminated by the university request or board mandate. The student will only need to register and earn degree credits towards the degree. The student also has a choice to switch to another active program.

GRE Requirement

ULM makes life less stressful for students in a number of ways. For example, students pursuing a second master’s degree are not required to take the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) as long as they have successfully accomplished a graduate-level degree.

The applicant will only have to present a proof of their first graduate degree so that Ulm will confirm that it was acquired from an accredited and recognized program. However, some programs may still require you to present your GRE. I will suggest that you contact the department you intend applying to make sure that they waive GRE.

Promoting The Culture Of Excellence

It is easy for laxity to set in when there is no goal. To make sure that graduate student stays on track, ULM graduate school has made it compulsory that every student should maintain a cumulative grade-point average above 3.00 every semester.

If a student gets below 3.00 in one semester, he or she would be placed on probation and would need to make up for it the next semester. If a student falls below 3.00 for two consecutive semesters, he or she will be denied a continuance in the Graduate School. Generally, a student will not graduate if the total coursework GPA falls below 3.00.

To maintain a cumulative GPA above 3.00, it means that the least grade a student should have must be a ‘B’. No grade must be lower than ‘C’.

Requirements For Graduate Degree At ULM

At the time of your admission, you will get a Graduate Catalog which contains all degree requirements which you will need to complete. Students are mandated to adhere to the rules and regulations listed under the policies and regulations.

The student is mandated to pass a comprehensive final examination (except for students pursuing Master of Education in Educational Leadership and Master of Business Administration) which can be written or oral or both.

Interestingly, there is no institutional attendance policy for graduate students. However, like in the GRE institutional waiver, some faculties might set their attendance policy and you have to check with them. Most importantly, there is a wide variety of graduate courses currently being offered by ULM. The online platform (eULM) which is rated as one of best in the nation is also there for those who can’t make it to the campus.